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Now is the moment

May 28, 2008


Run across the horizon,
climb upto the pinnacle
Dive into the deepest oceans
be your own oracle
Stretch limits till they break
jump over every obstacle
Live to eternity in everysecond that is spent,
‘coz now is the moment
Delve deep into the hearts
and ease out some pain
Breathe life into dreams
don’t let them go in vain
Plant hopes in deserts
and wait for the rain
Look into the face of difficulties
and dare them to come up again
Rise up with the tides
and swim against the current
‘coz now is the moment
Now is the moment
you’d been waiting for
Now is the moment
you’re better than ever
Now is the moment
to takethe first step
Now is the moment
to write the first chapter
Now is the moment
It is now or never.