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Viva Voce and Micheal Phelps!

August 17, 2008

Yes, I know its just under 12 hours before my physics quarterlies but I am absolutely saturated with LCR circuits, retentivity, Lens makers formula and the YDSE…

I had just finished with my practicals on Friday… The experiments and all were okay, In all three subjects…

But the worst 15 minutes in those three hours are undoubtedly those disastrous, absolutely tormenting viva sessions… :O

The only thing about vivas is that I can’t stand them….

Having my name being called seems like as though I’m being interviewed by the CBI for some crime committed…

Heres what I do in EVERY viva…

Get all tongue tied and just stare blankly at the teacher’s face…

The questions varying from the special adaptive features of Potomogeton to the terminal voltage being lesser in value than EMF, all I can see is the teacher’s wide eyes scrutinizing me and rubbishing all those answers I attempt to give 😐

Those stupid lizard noises.. (thu thu thu..)


Am I the making of another Hari?? :O

Going to some stuff nicer..

Kudos,  Micheal Phelps!!

An achievement that’d have to be sung like a ballad never heard before!! 🙂