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A moment

February 14, 2008

A moment in my life,
A moment so miniscule,
that it could be easily overlooked,
with a shrug of the shoulders,
like it never existed,
never happened,

The moment does not stare at me,
does not hold me in a vise-like grip,
it sometimes manages to waft in,
slow and seductive,
I manage to shake it away easily,
with almost no-effort,

For days the thoughts don’t drift,
the concious does not let go,
not even for a second,
life gains attention,
moments of the present overtaking,
what happened so long ago,

No longer is there a longing,
breathing comes naturally,
in and out, in and out,
there is no pressure to to be happy,
the moment is all but forgotten,
as I peep into the eyes of someone familiar,

Surely it has been more than a few lifetimes,
since the moment came to haunt me,
seems like so long ago,
I must have gotten over it,
I decide triumphantly,ready to party,

But right this moment,
it is different,t
here is just that moment and no others, not the ones before,
not the ones after,
why is it that how many ever times
I have tried to burn it,
it is always there – a but!
Inspired form the lines,
“ek chota sa lamha hain jo khatm nahi hotha, main laakh jalaata hoon wo bhasm nahi hotha”