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December 24, 2007

There’s all these things hanging and jutting out in a lotta weird ways from our bodies (or from the core of our bodies ?) and i’m wondering why i haven’t put a lot of them to better use.
My hands especially- i’ve never really used them for much. apart from the eating, cleaning, moving them while talking motions, haven’t used them for anything.
There’s so much one can do with them- artily craftily speaking… Wonder why i haven’t,
and there’s this circular logic thing that i’ve run into-the dexterity and co-ordination comes from having neurons in your brain properly wired, and neural networks set at the right threshold impulse levels and such.
So now that i wanna do all these things with my hands, i wonder if i’ll be able to… i mean, will my brain listen to me ? probably not ?so is there any point even bothering to do it ? i dunno. i really dunno.
but if i never try, i will never know.but if i already know, is there any point in trying ?i mean, sure it’s the journey that counts and not the destination. but… i mean, honestly.

But the point still remains, if i never try, i will never know.
will i ever try ?
apart from just sitting and wondering what “if”.i hope i do.i really hope i do.miracles happen right ?
and a badly made clay pot ain’t a miracle is it ?
no siree…
i’m rambling away in the hope that i will convince myself to do something about it.
ah nvm…
i shall meet this former self a coupla weeks/months/years from now… and let’s see if that latter self has done something about.which brings me into a whole different realm about time travel and stuff…
that’s reserved for another sunny day…