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Thank you… ‘friends’

May 31, 2008

If someone had asked me who my freinds were, say around a year back, my list would have been endless!! I could just go on and on…
Now… err….

I wonder: what the bloody hell is wrong with me….
Is it that I can’t manage to get along with anybody?

Some of them just go on and on about the fact that I did not go and meet them when I was in Dubai!!
Well folks, If you can’t take the trouble of coming to a small get-together that I had particularly arranged so I can get to meet you all, I am extremely sorry I couldn’t take out time from the mere two weeks that I was there for…

And yeah… why do some of my other ‘friends’ avoid me??
No, really guys… If you cant’t stand me, I’d rather you say it on my face, than you keep dodging me!!
If you don’t want me around, you might as well let me know….

And really would you call a person who laughs behind your back and bitches about you, your friend? I don’t have to be ‘cool’ and awesome at studies or sports for you to be my friend!!
” Oh, yeah… She’s awful!! Can’t even HIT the ball!!
And she barely manages to pass…. Sheesh”
Yeah, all of you know me better than I know myself…
Thank you for letting me know who I really am!!

The dark fury of anger,
closes my mind to reason.
all around i can see,
hatred, revenge & treason.
The blinding rage has shut my eyes,
my mind resounds with screams & cries;
I do not wait
I retaliate
Burn down the world to ashes
till smoke emanates!