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Flight of freedom

January 9, 2008

A bird trapped, her feet tied with the cage
Her mind accepts her fate, her soul cries in rage
She sings in husky voice, perceptible enough for her ears
She shouts so loud that only her inner world hears

One day an angel flies from heaven
It unties the rope, the bird tastes freedom
Her songs are no more husky
Her shouts meek, she is no more angry
She forgets the anguish, the curse, and the times
She spreads the passion, the new contentment so divine

Alas the innocent bird in the new day
Forgets that the rope is not far away
With the charismatic freedom, she wishes to fly
Her feet, though free, her wings still cry
The realization scoffs at her, laughs aloud.
She looks dismally at the sky, covered in a blanket of clouds
Her structure may be free, but the cage is her only kingdom
Her soul is now trapped in the new caged freedom

Too late to turn back, she now lives in compassion
With her soul and wings hidden behind the flairy curtains