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Looking beyond the stars

November 3, 2008

Inspired my different people’s bucket lists and after having watched that beautiful movie myself, I’ve decided to create my own list!

*Fly a bright colored kite that has my face painted on it

*Sing in front of a HUGE audience and hear the applause

*Own an orchard

*Buy a giant stuffed polar bear

* Ride on an albatross

*Run on the sea shore with my arms wide open, at dawn

*Visit New Zealand

*Go sky diving

*Whistle, without it sounding like a pressure- cooker

*Prove to the world that I can be what I aspire to be

*Play tennis with Sania Mirza and win  😀

* Meet Rahul Dravid and go for a piggy back ride!! 😉

* To be in the cockpit of a jet plane

*Meet an Edward Cullen  😛

* Kick the lab ass’ backside

* Own two horses… One pitch black and the other brown their names being Onyx and Garnet

* Learn how to play basket ball and be good at it!


A little dream

November 16, 2007

A little dream burst forth
In the little heart of mine
To skim the skies with my toes
And play with stars that shine;
To spin the white cotton clouds
Into gossamer light
And hold aloft to sheath the winds
When I, like a dream, take flight.
To prance forth through viridian realms
The world at my feet
Through lavender to steal ones breathe
Nodding purple heads to greet
The misty breeze beneath my wings
As through my little dream I soar
Singing like a bird at dawn
As nightingales implore
Of little dreams and youthful tide
Of little hearts that burst
With promise of a world to see
And to see the world, the thirst…