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12th grade… *gulp*

June 8, 2008

12th GRADE…. Need I say more??

I have hardly completed 3 months in 12th grade, that pressure is mounting up in all propotions! At least 3 tests are held in scool every week… And a test for an hour and a half every sunday followed by classes for 4 hours in coaching classes….

And don’t have misconceptions of any sort…. I go to this coaching centre on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!

I’ll just let you know some of the books I am expected to look into:

  • Comprehensive chemistry- Grade 11 and 12
  • Comprehensive physics- Grade 11 and 12
  • Comprehensive Mathematics- Grade 11 and 12
  • R.S Agarwal- Grade 11 and 12
  • AIEEE maths
  • AIEEE physics
  • AIEEE chemistry
  • O.P Agarwal- Organic chemistry
  • R.K Mukerjee-Inorganic chemistry
  • Exel with physical chemistry
  • HCV part 1 and 2
  • IIT Maths
  • IIT physics
  • IIT chemistry
  • Some extra IIT books
  • ACE assignments
  • Brilliant- assignments
  • And then, question papers set by a no. of schools in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Bombay….
  • ACE question papers

And how could I forget??

  • Pradeep’s biology- Grade 11 and 12
  • CET papers in Biology

The irony is that, the ACE ( which is the coaching center) coordinator expects me to take borrow books from the library for the simple reason that he thinks I have the “capability” to do well “wonders”!! *Buh*

GOD, please save me….

P.S: I have forgotten to mention about the NCERT books…. they are supposedly “VERY IMPORTANT”
And read English.. to put yourself to bed!!