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The real world

April 24, 2008

Sometimes it seems as if we always live in virtual reality, assuming things and hoping for something to happen or waiting for something to happen. Wait is always not bad, but it sure becomes the worst when the wait only ends up as a big failure.

It gets interesting how different people console you, but I was really surprised on how many people use the age old, most used saying – “Everything happens for your own good.” Sometimes it gets so annoying that I feel like hitting the consoler, but I know he wishes the best for me.

To be frank I was a pretty big believer in that saying and started looking at things differently, and true enough things turned out good. I was delighted and used the same saying to console others. But now when I sit and think about it, I realize everything happens as it should. We compromise saying to ourselves, everything happens for our own good. Something good happens and you say to yourself only because that bad happened earlier I am in this position, Aha, the saying is true. But after a few days bad repeats itself and the whole cycle repeats itself.

Will the cycle change if you stop thinking positive? May be… But I don’t’ get the point. Lets not think positive, lets think confident. Bad happened and it is definitely bad, so feel bad. Good happened, feel good. Enjoy it. There is nothing that defines positive nature. Do you think people who boast about their positive nature don’t even have a pinch of doubt and anxiety, they sure do.

Sometimes it also seems being negative is better. If you are never confident of success, you always hope for the worst and even if it turns a little good you are happy. Its better than bragging about your positive nature and confidence and finally losing miserably and becoming the laughing stock.I made many a mistake in haste or in pride, I only wish I don’t make many more. Zero more mistakes is an impossible ask, None can ever achieve it, but high goals can help.


A new day, everyday

April 1, 2008

Wouldn’t it be nice,
if every new day,
we were really reborn ?
If the innocence lost the previous day were restored ?
if we could continue believing in our dreams,
keeping the faith,
without any of it
marred by the disillusionments of the previous day ?
If we could write off all the faults committed before,
even if it meant that we would probably repeat them ?
Wouldn’t our conscience then be the pink
like that of a newborn baby’s feet ?
so tender,
so untouched,
so unscarred by the abrasive world.
Pink as only purity can be ?
as only freshness can be?

A moment

February 14, 2008

A moment in my life,
A moment so miniscule,
that it could be easily overlooked,
with a shrug of the shoulders,
like it never existed,
never happened,

The moment does not stare at me,
does not hold me in a vise-like grip,
it sometimes manages to waft in,
slow and seductive,
I manage to shake it away easily,
with almost no-effort,

For days the thoughts don’t drift,
the concious does not let go,
not even for a second,
life gains attention,
moments of the present overtaking,
what happened so long ago,

No longer is there a longing,
breathing comes naturally,
in and out, in and out,
there is no pressure to to be happy,
the moment is all but forgotten,
as I peep into the eyes of someone familiar,

Surely it has been more than a few lifetimes,
since the moment came to haunt me,
seems like so long ago,
I must have gotten over it,
I decide triumphantly,ready to party,

But right this moment,
it is different,t
here is just that moment and no others, not the ones before,
not the ones after,
why is it that how many ever times
I have tried to burn it,
it is always there – a but!
Inspired form the lines,
“ek chota sa lamha hain jo khatm nahi hotha, main laakh jalaata hoon wo bhasm nahi hotha”

Flight of freedom

January 9, 2008

A bird trapped, her feet tied with the cage
Her mind accepts her fate, her soul cries in rage
She sings in husky voice, perceptible enough for her ears
She shouts so loud that only her inner world hears

One day an angel flies from heaven
It unties the rope, the bird tastes freedom
Her songs are no more husky
Her shouts meek, she is no more angry
She forgets the anguish, the curse, and the times
She spreads the passion, the new contentment so divine

Alas the innocent bird in the new day
Forgets that the rope is not far away
With the charismatic freedom, she wishes to fly
Her feet, though free, her wings still cry
The realization scoffs at her, laughs aloud.
She looks dismally at the sky, covered in a blanket of clouds
Her structure may be free, but the cage is her only kingdom
Her soul is now trapped in the new caged freedom

Too late to turn back, she now lives in compassion
With her soul and wings hidden behind the flairy curtains

A little dream

November 16, 2007

A little dream burst forth
In the little heart of mine
To skim the skies with my toes
And play with stars that shine;
To spin the white cotton clouds
Into gossamer light
And hold aloft to sheath the winds
When I, like a dream, take flight.
To prance forth through viridian realms
The world at my feet
Through lavender to steal ones breathe
Nodding purple heads to greet
The misty breeze beneath my wings
As through my little dream I soar
Singing like a bird at dawn
As nightingales implore
Of little dreams and youthful tide
Of little hearts that burst
With promise of a world to see
And to see the world, the thirst…


November 3, 2007

Movies, especially the Indian variety, have the nicest of endings. Ten minutes before the climax, everything is chaos. The girl is almost going to get married to the villain who has through the most machiavellian of means managed to convince the girl that he is the one that she should be marrying and not her true love who only used her as a point of leverage to further his own self-interest. I wonder if the heroines in the movies watch hindi movies. If they did, they’d know how to tell the villain apart from true loves. But for some strange reason, the women in movieland do not watch movies. The truth probably lies with a letter which is in the possession of some sanyasi somewhere who does not have the transportation to come to the location of the wedding. But of course, a dog, a snake and an elephant who are all friends of the hero and heroine (they were befriended during the 2 weeks when the hero and heroine stayed in the jungle to hide from all the bad people) manage to wheedle the letter from the sanyasi with consummate ease and double back to the log cabin where the hero is being held captive (the elephant smashes the log cabin down and all the wood splinters fall miraculously away from the hero. To make sure all contingencies have been taken care of, the elephant smashes the log cabin in which the villain’s handymen are staying. This time though, the wood falls right on the thugs and manages to handicap all of them. ) The hero, the snake, the dog and the elephant then go back to the mantap (running, with the snake overtaking them), when the villain is *still* seconds away from tying the knot. Chairs are thrown, flowers are shed, coconuts get broken, words are exchanged- no one knows what’s happening. In the end everyone sees the truth. Suddenly the mantap’s all ready for a marriage again. Chairs are back in place. Flowers disappear from places they are not meant to be. Coconuts self seal and repair themselves. We don’t know how all this gets done- it’s never shown. And the boy and the girl get married and live happily ever after. The villain either turns a new leaf and becomes a priest or goes to jail (when he comes out 20 years later, he will seek revenge .He’ll try and get his son married to the daughter of the blessed couple who, of course, unaware of all this, is playing with the dog, the elephant and the snake).

Pardon the long detour. But I love them. I love how honesty and sincerity and love and devotion always wins. I love how justice is meted out fairly. I love how all the bad men get punished and the good men get retributed. But most of all, I love how everything comes together in the last ten minutes of the movie. They say art imitates life. I wonder if such things happen in real life too. Hmm. It’d be nice if it did. I’d take irrational events and crazy co-incidences any day if it means happiness. I’d like a little bit of melodrama in my life too. It’s fun apparently.