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Looking beyond the stars

November 3, 2008

Inspired my different people’s bucket lists and after having watched that beautiful movie myself, I’ve decided to create my own list!

*Fly a bright colored kite that has my face painted on it

*Sing in front of a HUGE audience and hear the applause

*Own an orchard

*Buy a giant stuffed polar bear

* Ride on an albatross

*Run on the sea shore with my arms wide open, at dawn

*Visit New Zealand

*Go sky diving

*Whistle, without it sounding like a pressure- cooker

*Prove to the world that I can be what I aspire to be

*Play tennis with Sania Mirza and winย  ๐Ÿ˜€

* Meet Rahul Dravid and go for a piggy back ride!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

* To be in the cockpit of a jet plane

*Meet an Edward Cullenย  ๐Ÿ˜›

* Kick the lab ass’ backside

* Own two horses… One pitch black and the other brown their names being Onyx and Garnet

* Learn how to play basket ball and be good at it!


The tide is high…

September 20, 2008

Can I hold on?

I am outta my hibernation… But you’d probably see my go back to sleeping again! ๐Ÿ˜›

Things have been playing in ‘fast forward’ mode in my head….

What does one do when nothing seems to be going right?

To keep thinking positive… When you are in pressure cooker situations?

When your moods swing wildly! And to mention the fact that someone said that mine fluctuate at the rate of 100 per second!

When you are forced to sleep at 12.00 and get up at 4.30 so as to cover up portions?

Rush to coaching classes in the morning at 6.00 and rush to school from there… Come back and rush to class again


Just accept the situation?

Not crib?

And keep deluding yourself… Thinking that this will last only 7 months?

For crying out loud!

Does 7 months seem short to anybody? Can any person survive the 7 months if they’re being traumatized?

IF you don’t have the space to do the things you like?


Really beats me! ๐Ÿ˜

P.S: To all those who think I’m gonna kill myself… I can assure you that that’s not gonna happen!

I haven’t turned into a coward I am not a coward!


Peace out! ๐Ÿ˜

Experiment of life

August 29, 2008

To cross the bottomless pit that leads straight to Hell.

A single swinging rope hanging from an unknown part of the sky.

At the bottom of the bottomless pitย  ๐Ÿ˜€ย  lies all manner of pain and ugliness. On the other side lies the closest thing one can find to happiness.

Note:For true happiness, one must give up one’s material possessions and live the life of a Buddhist monk with a shaved head, dressed in a saffron rag in a mud hut bang in the middle of the Siachen glacier.

1. Pray a little before you begin.
2. Stand 10 feet from the ledge of the bottomless pit.
3. Wait for the swinging rope to come as possible to the edge of the abyss.
4. Take a running leap and grab hold of the oscillating rope just as it begins to swing back to wherever the hell it came from.
5. Ride it safely to the other side.

Happiness and satisfaction…or the closest one can get to it without actually giving up one’s Ferrari (see theory).

1. Time your leap such that you don’t drop into the abyss thereby sentencing yourself to burn for all eternity.
2. Do nothing to stimulate the sweat glands during the duration of the journey.
3. Do NOT look down or to the northeast.

Note: To the northeast lies the entire cast of Bay watch Hawaii.

Sources of Error:
1. One may make the mistake of reading this experiment.

Random musings

June 28, 2008

Why are ‘apart’ments stuck together?

Who teaches spiders which leg to put forward first, when they start walking?

Why is inspiration momentary, while depression is more permanent?

Is it ok to kill a mockingbird if you realize that it is a crow in disguise?

Now is the moment

May 28, 2008


Run across the horizon,
climb upto the pinnacle
Dive into the deepest oceans
be your own oracle
Stretch limits till they break
jump over every obstacle
Live to eternity in everysecond that is spent,
‘coz now is the moment
Delve deep into the hearts
and ease out some pain
Breathe life into dreams
don’t let them go in vain
Plant hopes in deserts
and wait for the rain
Look into the face of difficulties
and dare them to come up again
Rise up with the tides
and swim against the current
‘coz now is the moment
Now is the moment
you’d been waiting for
Now is the moment
you’re better than ever
Now is the moment
to takethe first step
Now is the moment
to write the first chapter
Now is the moment
It is now or never.

The real world

April 24, 2008

Sometimes it seems as if we always live in virtual reality, assuming things and hoping for something to happen or waiting for something to happen. Wait is always not bad, but it sure becomes the worst when the wait only ends up as a big failure.

It gets interesting how different people console you, but I was really surprised on how many people use the age old, most used saying – “Everything happens for your own good.” Sometimes it gets so annoying that I feel like hitting the consoler, but I know he wishes the best for me.

To be frank I was a pretty big believer in that saying and started looking at things differently, and true enough things turned out good. I was delighted and used the same saying to console others. But now when I sit and think about it, I realize everything happens as it should. We compromise saying to ourselves, everything happens for our own good. Something good happens and you say to yourself only because that bad happened earlier I am in this position, Aha, the saying is true. But after a few days bad repeats itself and the whole cycle repeats itself.

Will the cycle change if you stop thinking positive? May be… But I don’t’ get the point. Lets not think positive, lets think confident. Bad happened and it is definitely bad, so feel bad. Good happened, feel good. Enjoy it. There is nothing that defines positive nature. Do you think people who boast about their positive nature don’t even have a pinch of doubt and anxiety, they sure do.

Sometimes it also seems being negative is better. If you are never confident of success, you always hope for the worst and even if it turns a little good you are happy. Its better than bragging about your positive nature and confidence and finally losing miserably and becoming the laughing stock.I made many a mistake in haste or in pride, I only wish I don’t make many more. Zero more mistakes is an impossible ask, None can ever achieve it, but high goals can help.

A moment

February 14, 2008

A moment in my life,
A moment so miniscule,
that it could be easily overlooked,
with a shrug of the shoulders,
like it never existed,
never happened,

The moment does not stare at me,
does not hold me in a vise-like grip,
it sometimes manages to waft in,
slow and seductive,
I manage to shake it away easily,
with almost no-effort,

For days the thoughts don’t drift,
the concious does not let go,
not even for a second,
life gains attention,
moments of the present overtaking,
what happened so long ago,

No longer is there a longing,
breathing comes naturally,
in and out, in and out,
there is no pressure to to be happy,
the moment is all but forgotten,
as I peep into the eyes of someone familiar,

Surely it has been more than a few lifetimes,
since the moment came to haunt me,
seems like so long ago,
I must have gotten over it,
I decide triumphantly,ready to party,

But right this moment,
it is different,t
here is just that moment and no others, not the ones before,
not the ones after,
why is it that how many ever times
I have tried to burn it,
it is always there – a but!
Inspired form the lines,
“ek chota sa lamha hain jo khatm nahi hotha, main laakh jalaata hoon wo bhasm nahi hotha”