The tide is high…

Can I hold on?

I am outta my hibernation… But you’d probably see my go back to sleeping again! 😛

Things have been playing in ‘fast forward’ mode in my head….

What does one do when nothing seems to be going right?

To keep thinking positive… When you are in pressure cooker situations?

When your moods swing wildly! And to mention the fact that someone said that mine fluctuate at the rate of 100 per second!

When you are forced to sleep at 12.00 and get up at 4.30 so as to cover up portions?

Rush to coaching classes in the morning at 6.00 and rush to school from there… Come back and rush to class again


Just accept the situation?

Not crib?

And keep deluding yourself… Thinking that this will last only 7 months?

For crying out loud!

Does 7 months seem short to anybody? Can any person survive the 7 months if they’re being traumatized?

IF you don’t have the space to do the things you like?


Really beats me! 😐

P.S: To all those who think I’m gonna kill myself… I can assure you that that’s not gonna happen!

I haven’t turned into a coward I am not a coward!


Peace out! 😐

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40 Comments on “The tide is high…”

  1. vishesh Says:

    well killing your self doesn’t mean you are a coward…..ha well i sleep at 12 and get up at 6 on school days 😛

  2. Priya Says:

    I like the new theme…but reminds me of nikhils theme!

    about the post…ah..well…..need I say anything MORE ??!!

    i’ve already told you this…if you are killing yourself…that would only be after i kill me…

    hahaa..that girl is awesome! 😛

  3. arvind Says:

    poor u (too)
    this was my comment even in priya’s post …cuz i have no solutions to ease down ur misery …
    best of luck … 🙂

  4. Amit Says:

    Don’t stress yourself too much. Atleast get a good night sleep.
    All the best.

  5. Suda Says:

    Are you hungry? Empty stomach leads to frustration and confusion!! Go eat well. Gain some weight. A little more pounds wont hurt anything. Okie. Cool. 🙂

  6. Prarthana Says:

    @ Vishesh
    Suicide is the shortest easiest way to combat depression and frustration! It is chosen only by ppl who are ultimate cowards!
    You planning on hanging yourself the? Coward!

    @ Pri
    That girl is awesome… 😛
    I want to pull my hair out sometime too…

    @ Arvind
    Don’t expect you to have solutions!
    Don’t rack your brains too much! 😀

    @ Amit
    Sleep… ah!
    Whats that? 😉

    @ Suda
    Not hungry… Just conked! 😛
    If I gain any more wight.. thats all! They’ll have to build a new door for me to enter!

  7. scorpria Says:

    Cheer up!!!! 🙂

    The boat of misery has been anchored. Get off it ! Fast ! 😉

  8. scorpria Says:

    Loveeely theme…

  9. Nikhil Says:

    Hehehe… Don’t worry! Remember the golden computer story? No? Well, good.. Some things are just just not worth remembering… Just like the things you’ve mentioned.. think of the big picture – one day in the future, you’ll read this post of yours and laugh! 😀

  10. vishesh Says:

    Na not hanging myself…too old fashion…ha well,i think i am the only one here who will support suicide,cause,i know how it feels like 😛

  11. Prarthana Says:

    @ scorpria
    Its been anchored?? No wonder I’m feeling better these days! Probably walked of it in my sleep!!

    @ Nikhil
    Yeah.. possibly!
    But now’s not great… Hopefully times to come will be nicer! 🙂

    @ Vishesh
    ‘i am the only one here who will support suicide,cause,i know how it feels like’
    SUICIDE aa??
    Dude, what the crap are you saying?

  12. Su Says:

    Twelfth eh? no wonder! i dont pity u, coz i never pitied myself for cycling at 6 in the morning for 6 km to reach my coaching class… try to squeeze out as much fun as possible… u may not get back the time u waste in studying TOO MUCH… and yeah… 7 months will become zero someday… patience… hope… and dont forget to have good sleep between text book revisions… 😛

  13. Prarthana Says:

    @ Su
    Thanks…. I don’t need to be pitied!
    All I need is to keep my cool.. which seems the only thing absolutely impossible to do! 😛

  14. You will realize later that 12th was actually one of the best years in your life. 😀

  15. Su Says:

    “I dont need to be pitied” – thts cool attitude to deal with tuff things. Go on and face those 7 months head on and show the world what u can be…

    Actually to keep it simple, i cud say “study hard” but its too simple and boring… 😛

    If u aren’t cool, then come bk to blogging… for sometime..

  16. Prarthana Says:

    @ Arjun
    I hope I can get to write all the nice stuff and get all nostalgic about the schooling years!
    I can hold on! I have to…
    Thanks mate… Your post is DAMN awesome! 😀

    @ Su
    Blogging= stress buster
    I shall stick to the basics and study hard… 12th shouldn’t be that hard, eh?

  17. dinu Says:

    aaah … quite confused blogger and u left me confused too 😛

  18. ish Says:

    Ah, its called class 12th. Been there, done that and cribbed like anything. Ultimately I just left everything and had the time of my life. Now I’m all stuck and stuff but then, that’s a choice I made. Cribbing won’t help, really.

  19. Prarthana Says:

    @ dinu
    Hahahaahah!! Confusion is communicable, I see!! 😀

    @ Ish
    Cribbing=Venting out feelings!!
    Really helps in shooing away ppl? Don’t you agree? 😛

  20. ish Says:

    In that ways, sure it does!

    But then again, why would you be wanting to shoo away people? People are good. 😛

  21. sindhu Says:

    MUTUAL THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!!

  22. kaddu Says:

    wow! u have an uncanny way of voicing my feelings!! It’s all very easy 2 say “chill!! it’ll be over soon!! It wont last 4ever!!”
    Well, if it was 4ever, cowardice be damned, i’d have hanged myself….
    It’s the knowledge that it’ll end that drives us all forward…. 😀

  23. megcloud9 Says:

    chill out girl ….boy,u guys have gone crazy man,sleep right,eat right..listen in class,that helps to cut down revision time …its freaky to read this ! 🙂

  24. Manasa Says:

    Gal, this is just a phase of life.. Even we’ve gone thru all this.. 😀

    All the best 🙂 Don’t worry..

  25. Jyotsna Says:

    ha haa !! it sure won’t last forever .. it’ll only get worse !
    but chill .. once you get into undergrad college, the feeling is inexplicable ! you’ll actually start enjoying working hard ( trust me, it WILL happen). 😛

    look at the brighter side .. you get pampered and petted all the time .You are all that everyone can talk about ! Come December / Jan; you can use “class 12” as an excuse to get anything done ! trust me. in our house, it works 😛
    (tips , if you need any, in private ).

  26. Prarthana Says:

    Sorry guys.. Its taken me a very long time to reply to these comments!!
    @ Ish
    Not, always… They’re damn pissing off at times!!
    I tend to be reclusive at times.. 😛

    Good to hear…. At least someone is sailing with me on the same boat….
    After all 12th in Kumarans must be the same for everyone…..
    Or I think 😐

    Very rightly put…..
    Stress reducing therapy!! 😛

    @ Meg
    ‘Listen in class’…. I wish I could keep my eyes open!
    You shd have undergone similar phases, I’m sure… It tends to evaporate quickly

    @ Manasa
    Yeah.. thanks!! 🙂

    lol… thanks!!
    I’ll turn to you anytime and I’m sure these secret tips will automatically flow! 😛

  27. Manasa Says:

    Hey chill. Its the same story repeated by a million indian students taking the Boards.Its our fate, and its written on our foreheads 🙂

    But be happy your in a nice co ed school. Im stuck in a girls school. I hardly speak more than 50 words to a member of the opposite sex!

  28. nivedithasperceptions Says:

    Chill, 12th standard is more tedious than probably pregnancy! 😛 So you’re allowed to crib and cry. Just stay alive! 🙂
    Trust me life’ll get better after this. Really. Try keeping your cool! 🙂

  29. nivedithasperceptions Says:

    BTW I like your new layout.

  30. megcloud9 Says:

    chill chill chill !

  31. Prarthana Says:

    @ Manasa
    LOL!! I studied in an only girls school till grade 10…
    And sure did face similar problems in the beginning of 11th! 😛
    You’ll also get over it, I’m sure!

    @ Niveditha
    Thank ya!! 🙂

    @ Meg
    *Breathing in and out*

  32. Prarthana Says:

    @ Niveditha

    Glad to see you you noticed my new layout and better liked it! 😀

  33. kaddhu Says:

    //Can I hold on?//
    Oops…i think i accidentally let go… 😀

  34. nick Says:

    I had exactly the same thoughts when I was in 12th too….and I know its ery difficult to stay positive
    But now when I look back, I feel that this phase got over must faster than I had expected, inspite of all the cribbing! 😀 …the same will happen to you too …just keep praying to God everyday so that you have peace of mind 🙂

  35. harsh Says:

    class 12… year back preparing for engineering , I was also forced to follow such a schedule……really takes a toll out of you…….but just pass out this face…..and then life is a heaven……

  36. Prarthana Says:

    @ Kaddu
    Make sure you open out a parachute!!

    @ Nick
    Good pep talk! 😀
    Thank you!

    @ Harsh
    Good to hear that there is something good to look forward to!
    Thank you for visiting my blog… Keep coming! 🙂

  37. kaddhu Says:

    lol!! and skydive!!! 8) …I wish…

  38. Prarthana Says:

    @ Kaddu
    Hahahahaha!! 😀

  39. Kapil Says:

    What are you doing in Bangalore?! You should be in the Army fighting on enemy lines coz your stress levels are reaching a war-footing!

    On a serious note, I have studied enough to tell you it DOESN’T help depriving yourself of sleep for the cause of studies. I have never done the high-stress-studying bit and still managed to finish ahead of most of my class.

    On an even more serious note, you can deprive yourself of sleep for all other reasons though. 😉

  40. Prarthana Says:

    @ Kapil
    Our school drives us mad at some points in time! So the stress levels touch the sky!!

    And I am gonna go on sleepless nights after the boards…
    Its all chalked out! 😛

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