Experiment of life

To cross the bottomless pit that leads straight to Hell.

A single swinging rope hanging from an unknown part of the sky.

At the bottom of the bottomless pit  😀  lies all manner of pain and ugliness. On the other side lies the closest thing one can find to happiness.

Note:For true happiness, one must give up one’s material possessions and live the life of a Buddhist monk with a shaved head, dressed in a saffron rag in a mud hut bang in the middle of the Siachen glacier.

1. Pray a little before you begin.
2. Stand 10 feet from the ledge of the bottomless pit.
3. Wait for the swinging rope to come as possible to the edge of the abyss.
4. Take a running leap and grab hold of the oscillating rope just as it begins to swing back to wherever the hell it came from.
5. Ride it safely to the other side.

Happiness and satisfaction…or the closest one can get to it without actually giving up one’s Ferrari (see theory).

1. Time your leap such that you don’t drop into the abyss thereby sentencing yourself to burn for all eternity.
2. Do nothing to stimulate the sweat glands during the duration of the journey.
3. Do NOT look down or to the northeast.

Note: To the northeast lies the entire cast of Bay watch Hawaii.

Sources of Error:
1. One may make the mistake of reading this experiment.

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30 Comments on “Experiment of life”

  1. RJ Says:

    @Prar – Too much experiments with life, eh? 😀

  2. vishesh Says:

    easiest way to cross to the other side:-

    1) become lighter than air.
    2) travel as fast as light,or learn to ride on a ray of light…

    other alternatives:-

    1) Die.
    2)faint and hope to wake up somewhere else..

    best way:-
    1) bribe someone to get a plane or come up with something better.

  3. nivedithasperceptions Says:

    LOL! Hehehehe! Good one. I enjoyed reading it! 🙂

  4. Prarthana Says:

    @ RJ
    Better to do something than sit idle, no?

    @ Vishesh
    Best way is to induce something into the human system and make your bones hollow, develop wings and feathers!
    Much better than dying1 ‘Coz that can be done instantaneously if you start making me think!
    What say? 😉

    @ Niveditha
    Thank you!
    Glad to hear that! 🙂

  5. Priya Says:

    What the Faraday?!!

    Did you read “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari?” or have you just changed after the exams?!!

    It was funnyy!!

    Whats with
    //Note: To the northeast lies the entire cast of Bay watch Hawaii.//

    This note should be for the guys!

  6. Amit Says:

    Huh!!! What was that?
    OHT – Over heard transmission!!!

  7. kaddu Says:

    ROFL!!! gud 1!!!
    Ur head’s really been warped after the exams!!

  8. kaddhu Says:

    ur tagged!!

  9. Nikhil Says:

    You have just described how to cross the street n Bangalore!! Right??? 😀

    Though, I wouldn’t mind the entire female cast of Baywatch Hawaii for company! 😀

  10. vishesh Says:

    ya u studied 2 much for bio i think…

  11. Prarthana Says:

    @ Priya
    I read 20 pages…
    And then I got damn irritated and chucked the book!! 😀
    I haven’t changed..
    Its a path to escape!!
    Something I need desperately!! 😐
    You don’t wanna flee?

    @ Amit
    Hey, Do you want to escape from monotonous life? If yes, then tell!! I’ll elaborate! 😛

    @ Kaddu
    Warped? Whose talking?

    Tag-Will do it sometime 😉

    Hmmm… Awesome interpretation!
    But will a car banging you lead you to hell peacefully?

    @ Vishesh
    Why do you think that?
    See.. I’m making you think! 😛

  12. Sakhi Says:

    Hun? did i miss something here? Why do you even want to think of such an experiment? 😛 😛

  13. Suda Says:

    Over my head too. Amit, both of us are dumbest in class 😦

  14. scorpria Says:

    Hilarious! Hehe…
    Point to importance: Never try this when you are alive 😉

  15. Shourav Says:

    Its Just dead funny:-) LOL
    Well you really do seem to get the gist of life now
    Every1 wants us to lead miserable burdened lives:P
    Going with that thought hav you checked my blog out……

  16. Shourav Says:

    And hey did you give Chary any of this attitude??
    Im sure she’d hav luved it:P 😉

  17. sindhu.sivakumar Says:

    Nice one…exot of life….what gave u the idea? The best part is the sources of error…

  18. Abhishek Says:

    I don’t know. I am probably the only one who feels that this post is a bit too over the top. It was funny, I admit. But then suddenly everyone’s all connecting it to “Burdened lives” and “route to escape”. I agrere with Nikhil. Its about crossing streets.

  19. Prarthana Says:

    @ Sakhi
    Fun, ain’t it? You’ll literally be suspended in mid air!!

    @ Suda
    Simple… You swing across a bottomless pit to reach another side… The other side is a place which is Full of joy! So, no 12th grade… (in my books) 😛

    @ Scorpia
    You could dream of doing it!

    Chari? really?
    She’d probably kick my ass.. Or give me the ‘looks’
    LOL.. 😀

    Wanting to flee from grade 12 gave me the idea! You don’t want to be trying it for sure… 😛

    @ Abhishk
    Well.. your personal choice!!
    I wouldn’t want to comment on it!

  20. allirekha Says:

    well what was tht actually!
    in which lab did u do this 😛

  21. Prarthana Says:

    @ allirekha
    All’s in the head!

  22. Su Says:

    Simple… just dream about getting to the other side and sleep off… the abyss will be bored by ur laziness and will shut its mouth… wake up and peacefully cross over… 😛

  23. Prarthana Says:

    @ Su
    But where’s the thrill?

  24. It does seem to be an ancient experiment. I would fly to paradise rather than take the risk if I had the option. But then if it comes easy, then it doesn’t mean anything, even if it is happiness itself!

    I loved the idea behind the whole post. Great blog. I’ll come back again.

  25. Prarthana Says:

    Hmmm… Pretty well said! Thats a better option!!
    And please keep visiting! Glad you liked my blog! 😀

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  27. manushi Says:

    this is hilarious..haha.. 😀 ……seems like you are spending too much time in the lab!! 😉

  28. Prarthana Says:

    @ Manushi
    Not in the lab, no!
    With my books, ‘studying’!! 😀

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