12th grade… *gulp*

12th GRADE…. Need I say more??

I have hardly completed 3 months in 12th grade, that pressure is mounting up in all propotions! At least 3 tests are held in scool every week… And a test for an hour and a half every sunday followed by classes for 4 hours in coaching classes….

And don’t have misconceptions of any sort…. I go to this coaching centre on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!

I’ll just let you know some of the books I am expected to look into:

  • Comprehensive chemistry- Grade 11 and 12
  • Comprehensive physics- Grade 11 and 12
  • Comprehensive Mathematics- Grade 11 and 12
  • R.S Agarwal- Grade 11 and 12
  • AIEEE maths
  • AIEEE physics
  • AIEEE chemistry
  • O.P Agarwal- Organic chemistry
  • R.K Mukerjee-Inorganic chemistry
  • Exel with physical chemistry
  • HCV part 1 and 2
  • IIT Maths
  • IIT physics
  • IIT chemistry
  • Some extra IIT books
  • ACE assignments
  • Brilliant- assignments
  • And then, question papers set by a no. of schools in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Bombay….
  • ACE question papers

And how could I forget??

  • Pradeep’s biology- Grade 11 and 12
  • CET papers in Biology

The irony is that, the ACE ( which is the coaching center) coordinator expects me to take borrow books from the library for the simple reason that he thinks I have the “capability” to do well “wonders”!! *Buh*

GOD, please save me….

P.S: I have forgotten to mention about the NCERT books…. they are supposedly “VERY IMPORTANT”
And read English.. to put yourself to bed!!




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44 Comments on “12th grade… *gulp*”

  1. ish Says:

    Wow, that sure is a lot of books. Your desk looks pretty much like mine, except that I had lesser books because I wasn’t very hopeful about them competition exams.

    Good luck with everything. Better comment later maybe. I get tongue tied..or rather finger tied when it comes to studying. I’m not a big fan of these books, you know.

  2. vishesh Says:

    hmm…lol,i am very happy to be in commerce 🙂 …what do we get out of all this anyway?

  3. Xylene Says:

    u in 12th????????????????????????????? with that many books, i gues the education dept has to reloook the syllabus !
    good luck.

  4. Priya Says:

    Don’t remind me of all thesee so sooooooooon 😦


    I’ll be dead by the end of next May.

  5. sindhu Says:

    Ditto (Priya)…only difference, She atleast has hopes of living through till next may!

  6. Ravi Says:

    God save you from all these troubles very soon!!!!!!!!!!.

  7. nivedithasperceptions Says:

    I understand!
    Sorry to say, but it only gets worse my dear!
    I’m sooo glad I’m done with 12th grade!

    P.S: You’ve been tagged! Do it only if you like to.

  8. Kadambari Says:

    That’s sad….I’m glad I’m in commerce too!!….
    Those books are a major reason for my not taking science…and chemistry…I HATE chemistry….sorry if ne1 else likes it but I think it’s the worst subject ever…

  9. Prarthana Says:

    Ok… Let me first apologise to you all!!
    I am allowed permission to visit my blog ONLY on weekends!! Apparently I get really hooked on to it… and it is ‘affecting’ my studies!! *buh*

    This should explain the delay in replying to the comments, shouldn’t it?

    I just hope that my shelf doesn’t come crashing down because of the weight of these books… My, my all of them sure do weigh a ton!!
    Get finger tied when you ‘look’ at these books, eh?
    Just imagine sitting in front of them and attempting to study the content..
    Zzzzzzzzzzzz….. *sweet dreams* 😛

    Happy to be in commerce?? Really? Don’t you have economics? Thats like studying physics chemistry and math all under one tag…
    You know, economics is something I could never do!!
    And I don’t even think I know the ABC’s of Accounts….

    But yeah, its a matter of percpective!!
    I like science and you like commerce… So there!!
    But 12th’s still horrible!!

    Talk about the syllabus… It is extremely vast and voluminous!!
    And plus taechers go so fast that it is difficult for you to follow!
    So, that is the state of us 12th graders, especially in our schoo!!
    BTW, thatnks fr the wishes!! 🙂

  10. Prarthana Says:

    Oh, yeah… talk about being dead by may!!
    Let me see if I survive till January…
    And I am just listing out the books that I am expected to study from… Dont know if I have finished even one chapter thoroughly form any one of the books.. 😛

    Yeah, thank you!! 🙂

    You don’t talk, alright!! Nerd!!
    You’ll get 90% and then talk from ear to ear.. *buh*

    This definitely seems the worst now!! But my aunt keeps saying that you’ll get into the groove once you slog this year….
    That should be true.. Better be!! 😛
    I’ll take a look at the tag and decide.. 🙂

    @ Kaddu
    Economics is worse than chemistry acoording to me!!
    Chemistry isn’t all that bad, in my books!! But yeah, as I said… it’s all a matter of personal choice…

  11. vishesh Says:

    lol eco is real easy…:)

  12. Prarthana Says:

    Yeah?? I struggled to finish basic economics in grade 10!!
    Our teacher made eco hell for us… And now you have macro,micro, stats… Sheesh!!

    Don’t know how I scrapped a 90+ in socials in 10th.. Probably the guy who corrected my paper was fed really well by his wife!! LOL 😛

  13. arvind Says:

    thats lot of books…i dint read more than 3 boooks out of these…
    that much i had been during my 12th…and not to mention that i never attended any coaching classes too…enjoyed my 12th like anything… then found myself in no mans land 😆

    anyways best of luck..

  14. Prarthana Says:

    @ arvind
    Hmmm… these books just occupy space!! I have absolutely no idea as to when I’ll find time to look through them! 😛
    We all want to enjoy 12th too… But, well…
    To say the least, we can’t!

    I need all the luck.. Thank you!! 🙂

  15. arvind Says:

    just noticed my name in ur blogroll..
    thanks 😉

  16. Joel Says:

    Phew..! I was tired in reading that list of books. How can you manage that… Gosh! Pity you people.. 😦

  17. Amit Says:

    Oh Lord!! You kids take things way too seriously. Take a chill pill. 😀

  18. Kaddu Says:

    ya…eco is quiet gud….I plan 2 make a career of it, u kno…so yeah, it’s purely a matter of personal choice

  19. Prarthana Says:

    @ arvind
    Hey, you’re most welcome!! 🙂

    @ joel
    Hmmm… I don’t manage it that well actually!!I’ve hardly gone throught 5 books fully.. 😛
    These are the books I am expected to go through!! 😀

    But yeah, At least I can say that there is still a LOT of time until I write the various exams….

    Actually, I fall into a completely different category… I have to be pushed to study! And I seem to take a chill pill most of the time!!
    So, there…

    Yeah… ditto!!
    Me wanting to study eco would be like you wanting to study chem….
    Will that ever happen?? I think not! 😛

  20. Kaddu Says:

    So, u decided 2 delete my comment abt Vaikunt? dats ur reply?

  21. Prarthana Says:

    Kaddu, you git!!
    You’ve commented on the I am me page…. I did not delete that comment of yours, brightspark!! 😀

  22. kaddu Says:


  23. Prarthana Says:

    No way… I am not accepting your apology, after you’ve committed such a huge blunder!! How could you, Kadambari??

    😛 😀

  24. Abhishek Says:

    I don’t think any of us can make it through this year. Just into 12th and already so tired!! Assignments never end. There’s a test every other day. Man, this is worse than I thought

  25. Prarthana Says:

    Well, I second your opinion!!
    They seem to be rushing as though our boards is next week!!

  26. megcloud9 Says:

    😀 i am laughing out loud ,my IIT books,most of em in ur list r packed up n neatly kept in the attic 🙂 i gave up on it plus one itself !

    n dont believe anyone when they say”work hard this year and next 4 years aarama ” nooo ! we r still suffering 🙂

  27. aravind Says:

    hhhhmmmmm……..very big burden on your head…
    This is the last time you are going to read all that stufff………once you cross this stage there is a very big world outside……………you are going to enjoy a lot…….so try getting into a good college…….

  28. Prarthana Says:

    @ Meg
    *Buh* Especially our ACE lecturers!! They decide to just pile stuff on us!! There’s this one guy who asked me the names of the books i refer…
    I think I almost said the whole list of books I possessed, thank to this post!! 😛
    ( I actually thought he would consider me all hard working and all)
    But the guy just said “Hmmm….. No OP Tandon, ma?”

    Stupid fellow!!

    And about getting aaram for the next 4 year….
    Well, please tell me its better than grade 12!! You’ll be blessed….
    *saintly expression* 😛

    ( And pls dont mind me calling you Meg… It sounds better than addressing you as megcloud9!!)

    God bless you fro what you said!! 😀
    Its very much in contrast to what Meg has written ( above you)
    But, maybe its a matter of getting into the groove!! And also, its opting a subject you really like for many ppl?? Ain’t I right??? Meg??

  29. arvind Says:

    @ megha
    enjoying in college depends on the college u choose..most engineering colleges are strict… i was fortunate enough to study in a college where no ,much pressure was put up by the admin..
    we enjoyed to the core..

  30. Prarthana Says:

    @ arvind
    Thats very nice to hear!! 😀

  31. aravind Says:

    I think u didn’t work hard in that year dats why workin hard now…………

  32. Prarthana Says:

    Hmmm..my my!!
    What a thing to say… 😀
    *rolls eyes*

  33. megcloud9 Says:

    lol 🙂 of course u can say Meg ! 🙂

    OP Tandon is for Chemistry is it ? i remember there was this thick book for Organic Chem,never read even a single page 🙂

    An aunt once told my mom,she cant even lift these books,how will she study em 😀

    And next 4 years,hmmm,if u can sail thru +2,u can sail thru next few years also 🙂 sounds better ?!

  34. Prarthana Says:

    @ meg
    My cousins do weightlifting with these FAT books!! Kinda use them as dumb-bells!! 😛 😉

    I don’t know whether i can ‘sail’ through 12th… but I now have an incentive… So…. 😀

  35. I feel nostalgic. Now, I have no idea how I got through 12th. Man those were the days. Go to college, Mug. Go to coaching class, mug. Come home, well Mug again.

    Hope you get through it as fast as possible. 12th holidays are divine. Enjoy it to the fullest 😀

  36. Prarthana Says:

    @ arjun
    Ah,This is exactly waht I am doing now!!
    Mugging all the way and vomiting all the stuff I mug onto an answer script..
    *straight face*

    Can’t wait for grade 12 to get over!
    I am flying off to New Zealand after my exams!! 😀

    Ok, maybe even go skydiving.. 😉

  37. Hasit Says:

    hi. u preparing for iit-jee?? I am studying for jee too.
    btw, nice writing. adding to my blogroll.

  38. Prarthana Says:

    @ Hasit
    I am forced into ‘preparing’ for the JEE….
    It’d be a miracle if I got through though!! 😛

    Best of luck with all your preparation!!

  39. dinu Says:

    enjoy !!! hi hi hi
    I will start my pg soon .. part time…. no classes 😉

  40. Prarthana Says:

    @ Dinu
    My time will come soon enough!!
    You enjoy your classes….

  41. nick Says:

    From that list of books you are supposed to study, I’m guessing that you are from NPS and preparing for IIT…I can relate to the anxiety and the pressure of doing well, that gets entrusted upon everyone in 12th, especially those preparing for IIT and other competitive exams…I used to have an 8 to 10 schedule in 12th, going from my school (Cottons) to BASE (another tuition centre), not to forget, the grueling tests every sunday… by the time it was weekend, there was literally no energy left in me 😦 …but don’t worry….this one year will pass by much faster than you think…just believe in yourself and keep others’ expectations aside while you are studying…i agree with meg…the next 4 years will just sail through…cant believe I’m already in final year now 😀 ..All the best! 🙂

  42. Prarthana Says:

    @ Nick
    Well I know of BASE… Another moronical centre which absoluteely kills you!
    But all’s for good!! I hope to get through into a good university… And then probably I can catch up on the little bit of fun I have to give up this year.. 😀
    I am in Kumarans…
    Expains a lot, doesn’t it? 😉

  43. harsh Says:

    books books books…….and that too comprising both of maths and biology…….pheww…..you got some load there…..

    btw….blog rolled you…..

  44. Prarthana Says:

    @ Harsh
    Thanks mate!!
    Don’t seem to be opening too many of them though! 😛

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