Thank you… ‘friends’

If someone had asked me who my freinds were, say around a year back, my list would have been endless!! I could just go on and on…
Now… err….

I wonder: what the bloody hell is wrong with me….
Is it that I can’t manage to get along with anybody?

Some of them just go on and on about the fact that I did not go and meet them when I was in Dubai!!
Well folks, If you can’t take the trouble of coming to a small get-together that I had particularly arranged so I can get to meet you all, I am extremely sorry I couldn’t take out time from the mere two weeks that I was there for…

And yeah… why do some of my other ‘friends’ avoid me??
No, really guys… If you cant’t stand me, I’d rather you say it on my face, than you keep dodging me!!
If you don’t want me around, you might as well let me know….

And really would you call a person who laughs behind your back and bitches about you, your friend? I don’t have to be ‘cool’ and awesome at studies or sports for you to be my friend!!
” Oh, yeah… She’s awful!! Can’t even HIT the ball!!
And she barely manages to pass…. Sheesh”
Yeah, all of you know me better than I know myself…
Thank you for letting me know who I really am!!

The dark fury of anger,
closes my mind to reason.
all around i can see,
hatred, revenge & treason.
The blinding rage has shut my eyes,
my mind resounds with screams & cries;
I do not wait
I retaliate
Burn down the world to ashes
till smoke emanates!

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15 Comments on “Thank you… ‘friends’”

  1. ishmeet Says:

    I’ve never understood the concept of friends either, you know. People say that they have a best friend and so many friends but I don’t understand that because the so called friends always bitch about them to others. I’ve never understood the concept of best-friends either and that how you can get angry with a best-friend and have a new best-friend. Beats me.

    For me, a friend is somebody with whom I share some common interests and with whom, I can talk. Somebody who’ll listen to what I have to say and will not talk about it to somebody else. Somebody who would comfort me when I need it. I don’t mind them ignoring me once in a while because they might be busy. I have to understand there. But bitching doesn’t work. Someone who can’t keep your secrets can’t be a friend. I’ve had a few friends, but I don’t know how true they’ve been. It’s really difficult to figure out who is a friend and who isn’t.

  2. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    Till some timme back, I really thought I had good friends, with whom I could share just about anything!!
    But now, doubts have suddenly begun to creep in my head as to how true these friends actually are!!
    The person need not actually share the exact same intrests, as you mention but yeah someone who really listens to you and sticks by you is who a friend really is!!
    Ignoring you once in a while, is a different issue, Ishmeet… But constantly avoiding you is completely blowing off!!
    Concept of best-freind?? Until some time back, I could have probably written pages about it!! But now, I don’t even think I can finish one sentence…
    So much for whom I thought were really my friends…. *buh*

    P.S: I have created a WP id… How do I proceed and join youthunite?

  3. Sindhu Says:

    well, prarthana, I dont know about your other “friends”, but as long as u consider me my friend, I do as well…that’s all I can say…and like u said, I DIED reading this post!!! whyever u took the trouble of putting it up??

  4. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    I don’t know, Sindhu!!
    Its mere frustration that came out blowing in all propotions…

    Maybe I should not have posted it.. but, I felt better after writing it, so….
    And yeah… I don’t ‘consider’ you to be my friend… I just know you are..

    Anyways chuck this….. I was probably mad as usual! In a different way, perhaps..

  5. Priya Prakash Says:

    Maddy Maddy Dog !

    Put your mind into the books/music/blogs/music than into thinking about such shit.

    Sleep peacefully during the nights.

    Here ae some tips :
    -Don’t care
    -Don’t give a fuck
    -Don’t care

    So basically, don’t care about such things! Simble!

    Whatever happens, our deal is still on~!!

    What deal, you ask?

    Remember trekking, para-gliding, roaming, hampi, etc etc after boards ??

    Yea yea, THAT deal is still on !!

  6. ishmeet Says:

    I know what you mean by being ignored, Prarthana. There was this guy who was my best friend at one time. I don’t know if it’s significant but I was very intelligent then. But as my marks started following, he started going away from me and being with better people..better at studies than I am I mean. Then a couple of weeks back, he messages me and says he’s sorry for having ignored me and says that he’s realized his mistake and feels alone. I forgave him but inside, I know we can never be the friends we were. He did betray me, and his reason was that he wanted to be serious and focussed on his studies. That hurt me even more. He’s trying to say that he thinks being friends with me would affect his studies. He could’ve still been friends and told me not to disturb him and I wouldn’t. But he decided to ignore me. That doesn’t work.

    About Youth Unite, you’ve got to give the WordPress ID you made to Priya, and she’ll add you as an author.

  7. Niveditha Sunderraj Says:

    Hey Prarthana.
    I moved my blog to
    Check out the blog and keep in touch.
    Cheers πŸ™‚
    And the friends who don’t really understand you are just fairweather friends. You must learn to move on with the hope that you’ll get true friends in your life.

  8. Jeevan Says:

    Many said to be best friends away from me, unknown distance, even to be very near, avoiding for any reason without my knowledge. A true/best friend comes not just telling in words alone, to make us feel like that and to be understand at any situation.

    Prarthana one of my favoutire names, pulled me here πŸ™‚ nice blogging.

  9. kaddu Says:

    Sarcasm to the core….this is so unlike u….
    And no, I was not in the least offended. I felt sorry that u feel lonely, perhaps?
    I could tell that you were really put off by someone or about something…
    Just wanted to say that you do have a number of friends who think u r an amazing person….don’t ever 4get that….it helps to think abt that when you’re feeling down…

  10. Prarthana Says:

    @ priya
    Oh, yeah.. The deal is on!! And our new deep sea diving is yet another task in our hand!! πŸ˜›

    My resolutions henceforth:
    I won’t care
    I won’t post something that is this nonsensical!!
    I won’t care

    (Ok, this makes no sense!!)
    Simble logic…. made complicated by this ever so complicated brain of mine!!

    Such people should really get a life!! Shoot them!!
    Their marks will definitely not get affected if they attempt to use their brains!

    As priya says:
    -Don’t care
    -Don’t give a fuck
    -Don’t care

    I’m gonna follow them… I suggest you do too!! πŸ˜€

    Well, I must mention that this post was written when I was really really down! So, I’ve really forgotten about the nice times I’ve spent with my friends!!

    @ Jeevan
    I completely second your opinion!!
    A true freind is like a diamond!!

  11. Prarthana Says:

    @ kaddu
    Yes, I was lonely!! And was thinking too much….
    I needed something to pour my heart into.. and it was my blog that faced the brunt!!

    I know some people think I’m nice…
    Probably I will think about all the nice things I’ve done with all my freinds if such thoughts creep into my head again!!

    If they do, that is….

  12. nivedithasperceptions Says:

    Nice to see you at wordpress!

  13. Prarthana Says:

    @ niveditha
    Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  14. Priya Says:


    too many things left undone on the blog.
    the about me page, the side bar..and the avtaar.

    But thats ok.

    Coz we are facing around 3 tests this week

  15. Prarthana Says:

    What avtaar?
    What side bar?

    And how come we’re facing 3 tests? As per my count it was 2


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