The real world

Sometimes it seems as if we always live in virtual reality, assuming things and hoping for something to happen or waiting for something to happen. Wait is always not bad, but it sure becomes the worst when the wait only ends up as a big failure.

It gets interesting how different people console you, but I was really surprised on how many people use the age old, most used saying – “Everything happens for your own good.” Sometimes it gets so annoying that I feel like hitting the consoler, but I know he wishes the best for me.

To be frank I was a pretty big believer in that saying and started looking at things differently, and true enough things turned out good. I was delighted and used the same saying to console others. But now when I sit and think about it, I realize everything happens as it should. We compromise saying to ourselves, everything happens for our own good. Something good happens and you say to yourself only because that bad happened earlier I am in this position, Aha, the saying is true. But after a few days bad repeats itself and the whole cycle repeats itself.

Will the cycle change if you stop thinking positive? May be… But I don’t’ get the point. Lets not think positive, lets think confident. Bad happened and it is definitely bad, so feel bad. Good happened, feel good. Enjoy it. There is nothing that defines positive nature. Do you think people who boast about their positive nature don’t even have a pinch of doubt and anxiety, they sure do.

Sometimes it also seems being negative is better. If you are never confident of success, you always hope for the worst and even if it turns a little good you are happy. Its better than bragging about your positive nature and confidence and finally losing miserably and becoming the laughing stock.I made many a mistake in haste or in pride, I only wish I don’t make many more. Zero more mistakes is an impossible ask, None can ever achieve it, but high goals can help.

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21 Comments on “The real world”

  1. Sindhu Says:

    Very true…you write mind boggling stuff ya…rock on!

  2. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    @ Sindhu…
    Makes so much sense.. no?
    There are times when I’ll read this same thing that I’ve writtn and call it absolute shit and crap!!
    Guess, this is life then
    *straight face*

  3. ishmeet Says:

    Negative thinking doesn’t help always. Having an attitude that is like thinking the worse is gonna happen wouldn’t help because with that kind of an attitude you will stop trying in the end. You’ll start thinking that the worst is gonna happen and you’ll let it happen when you could have done something to make it better maybe. You know what I mean?

    But at the same time thinking that everything happens for our own good isn’t the right strategy either. You can’t leave everything on God like that. It’s your responsibility to somehow alter the situation in a way that suits you the best. That saying helps only when you’re really’s only to give you confidence..nothing else I believe.

  4. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    The only thing that really matters is the efforts you put in!! You really can’t take anything for granted at any point in time… can you???

  5. Abhishek Shetty Says:

    Positive thinking can make a difference. But yes it does hurt when things backfire.

    This whole thing is a conflict between what you want to do, what you have to do and what you are made to do. I guess the collision between the three is inevitable. The one who manages to reduce damage must be the happiest

  6. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    The reducing part is the challenge there, ain’t it?
    Its actually mind boggling to think that I could contradict myself on numerous occasions!!

  7. kaddu Says:

    Absolutely true!!! But, don’t you think a person won’t feel too bad once they accept both bad and good as a part of life? Maybe it also helps to look at bad and good purely as a matter of perception…… Ok, I know it sounds weird, but just think about it…….Nice one Pratty!!!(again)

  8. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    Yeah, u’re right too!!
    But, when u’re going on a roller coaster ride u sometimes have very little control over what you perceive… All what you go through sems to be on the darker side…
    If a person is able to draw the line, then he sure will be successful… But, thats the tough part, Dont you agree??

  9. vishesh Says:

    high goals do work…and well being pessimistic sometimes works…but well whats life without big optimistic sunshine smile?

  10. kaddu Says:

    yup, it is pretty hard…

  11. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    Yes, there are times when you just cant put on that bright sunshine smile…
    It was during that blip that this article brew up in my head.. πŸ˜›

    @ kaddu
    that is well the challenge we face!

  12. pricelessjunk Says:

    Totally agree!
    For the first time maybe you’ll stop asking me to stop being negetive. ( ..err…did that make sense…watever! )
    Sometimes, the best way to live in reality is to believe in the fact that everything happens for our own good.

  13. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    You did hover about in my head when I was penning this article, Pri.. πŸ˜€

  14. Malu Says:


    You should understand that positive thinking makes you perform better and you are in a better position to take failures if you beleive that All Happens for Good ! It is a drive for your future.Do not agree with you and you should have guessed that I will not agree to your views on this


  15. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    Yes, I thought you wouldn’t agree on this!!
    But its just another perspective… thats all!!

  16. pricelessjunk Says:

    Oye ! You’ve been tagged !

    “Think of THE song that most inspires you to write, whether it gives you an idea for a story, script or just puts you into a better frame of mind AND/OR peek into the lyrics and find a verse that sums up the theme of whatever project it is you’re working on.
    If possible, post a video of the song to convey to readers the full context of the song and the mood it puts you into. Finally, send the assignment to five other writers to do as well. β€œ

  17. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    Tagger πŸ˜›
    Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. πŸ˜›

  18. pricelessjunk Says:

    Oh, so your not doing it ? “Buh”.
    Its MUSIC !! You got to….

  19. Niveditha Sunderraj Says:

    I agree, things happen for the good. If a bad thing happens you should learn from your mistakes and move on,It’s just the learning that counts!
    A negative attitude is never a good thing, cos I feel you’ll end up doing bad if you’re expecting yourself to do so.
    I believe, be positive (even if you get irritated of people telling you that!) and take life as it comes! πŸ™‚

  20. Jyotsna Says:

    too much gyaan form my “littel” sister !

  21. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    @ niveditha
    You can’t help it if negative thoughts fill your head at times…. It seems to go over-board!! But being postive definitely helps!!
    I totally agree with you when you say that you shouldn’t think negative….

    @ jyots
    Gyan, eh??

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