Duping Murphy

Disclaimer: None of what is about to follow is scientific. I am aware that Physics, if given eyes to read this, and hands to wield a hammer with, will read this and beat me to pulp!!!

I think there’s a murphy’s law that goes something like “only when you absolutely give up on something, do you get it”

Ever lost a key ? You look everywhere, backtrack everything you did from when you last remember seeing it, and then go to all those places and search for it and then never find it. Then you kinda give up. You take the duplicate (thank god you found that one) and begin using it rather remorsefully. You aren’t able to really stop searching though. Suddenly, maybe in the middle of the night, you go to the fridge to drink some water and start searching in the fridge (just in case you know ? you’ve searched in all the right places and didn’t find it. maybe you oughtta search in the oddest of places) but to no avail. A couple of days go by. Everytime you use the duplicate you feel slightly incomplete. You miss the old key. You liked the old key. When you had the old key, you always knew that if you lost it, you’ll be able to use the duplicate. But now you panic a tad about making a duplicate of the duplicate. You pray that you find the key

Few days later you’re closer to giving up. You’ve given up trying to find it. You’ve given up missing it. You’ve even given up being extra careful with the duplicate and decide the time has come for the final burial, symbolized by the making of the triplicate. The key maker asks you to come back in the afternoon. You say ok. Just as you’re leaving home, you find the original-staring at you as though it was always there, staring at you as though all the world’s a blind spot to you.

I’ve seen this happen with me so many times (yes -I am in the habit of losing things and often(the definition of often being as vague as it can be) finding them too). But it’s always always only once you’ve truly given up.

In the last one week, by virtue of doing absolutely nothing about it, I’ve found a shirt, a very important marks card, some more clothes that I thought I’d seen the last of, old memories and so on and so forth.

The trick to getting something or finding something is to do nothing about it. Nothing. The only requirement is that you set the balls in motion. As in, i suppose it’s important that you realize that you’ve lost something, or haven’t got something yet and generally let it be known- a plea into the air. You have to let it be known to Murphy’s random quark cluster (or any fancy word) that they’re supposed to re-aggregate into a key, or a yacht, or a dog or whatever it is you’ve lost. And then, and I think this particular step is important, you have to let go. Forget about it. Not pretend to have forgotten about it. No- that won’t work. Murphy’s quarks can sense that you don’t trust them. And you see, that, i think is perceived as terribly insulting behaviour. And they will of course refuse to acquiesce to your wishes. Maybe they draw energy from your trust. Maybe they require you to be their moral support. I don’t know. But the point is, you have to let go, and decide that your key is doomed for, that your yacht is being eaten by crazy beings deep under and that there’s an alien with ten hands somewhere who doesn’t quite know how to fit into your two handed shirt, but will choose to keep it as proof of alternative forms of intelligence. You simply have to let go.

And then, the quarks will go about their business, and voila!!!, you’ve found whatever it is you’ve lost.

I know this works for small things. But I wonder about big things. Is it possible to get something that I want really really badly, if I really, truly sit and do nothing about it ? It throws the whole “as you sow, so you reap” philosophy into debris. But if it is true, I wonder if i’ll ever be courageous enough to try it.

There are things in this world that just need to happen. It isn’t about your potential or how much you’ve worked for it or how much you deserve it. There are things that happen that have no specific relation to the input. They’re born from nothing, and they’re beautiful and exciting and fulfilling and perfect. There’s nothing more you’ll need and nothing more you’ll want, and there will be no point in remembering a time when you didn’t have it, or worrying about a time when you won’t have it. for the time they last ( a few seconds to eternity), they define perfection. And yet, i wonder, if i can be lucky enough to get it by simply not bothering about it.

Dare i try ?
Sadly, the answer is- no.
I don’t!

But until then, i’m quite content with knowing that i’ll never lose what i already have.

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12 Comments on “Duping Murphy”

  1. Sivaguru Says:

    Someone said that one of the main causes for unhappiness is the search for happiness.

    at the same time, it is very easy to slip into inaction or lethargy or use it as an excuse to not do something.

    in most situations, no pain, no gain.

    you cannot lose weight without a workout.

    you cannot master a skill without practice.

    you cannot only read maths or physics or chemistry and hope to do well in your tests – unless you apply the concepts and solve problems.

    just like one cannot become a swimmer or a karate expert by just reading books.

    a stitch in time saves more than nine – if only some care is taken in the first place to not lose it.

  2. ~Priya~ Says:

    So lost anything lately ?? πŸ˜›

  3. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    yeah.. loadsa stuff!!
    my brain….!! for starters…
    then a lot of other stuff to go on with it!!
    LOL.. πŸ˜€

  4. Arjun Bharadwaj Says:

    Murphy is out to get thee =)) ROTFL.
    And out to get me too…
    3 days ago, I lost my hostel-room-lock.(Yup!! You got it right. The room-lock gawddamit..) and after I had given completely given up, purchased a brand-new-brass-lock-worth-all-of-200bucks. I find the old one, right between Morrison &Boyd and J.D Lee. Tch, 200 bucks gone down the drain. 😦

    Good Work.

  5. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    @ arjun
    Thats awful..
    Bad luck!!

  6. Sindhu Says:

    interesting…….but d sad part is…i lost a hundered bucks…….searched…obv dint find it…..gave up….n i still hvn’t found it……booooo hoooooooo

  7. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    @ sindhu
    Bad luck!! 😦

  8. jd Says:

    good one…like, man, can i relate to this!

    oh and btw, found your blog on arjun’s comments list.., really no one you know.

  9. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    @ jd
    Most of us can really relate to this one.. πŸ˜‰

  10. kaddu Says:

    hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! what else can i say? That is soooooooooo true….I know I’ve said it before, but i won’t stop- Awesome!!Keep going!!!(I’ve decided to make these the closing lines of every comment that i leave on ur blog, henceforth…..).

  11. kaddu Says:

    ….or variations of this….

  12. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    I am FULLY flattered!! πŸ™‚
    Thank you!!

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