Wild Showers!!

The amiable earth drains
To the extent she could bear;
This makes the anxious heaven
Darken with accruing vehemence,
The meek clouds blink spontaneously
Amidst the brimming tears,
And the aqua driblets hits vociferously,
Uplifting the heat-wilted foliage!
As the pelting drops startles life beneath,
The scared lion roars ferociously,
Every time there is thunder clap;
As an attempt to reclaim his imperiled status.
The dear eyes longingly at the graceful doe,
As his heart brims with enigmatic desires.
The soaked monkey tightly perches,
On a secluded branch,
Looks skyward bewildered,
As if to ask the God
Why this sudden shower?
The snake wriggles indecisively,
Offended by the seeping intrusion.
The only form that doesn’t seem to mind,
Are the mirthful birds that carry the news,
Of the pouring glory across the globe!
The cloud disburdens and the wild spirit gladdens
What a beautiful sight the nature presents;
As the wild life blends harmoniously,
With the God’s elixir that,
Rekindles life in every form!!
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5 Comments on “Wild Showers!!”

  1. Prithvi Says:

    Prarthana! From what I can see, your poetry comes from some deep space in you. Keep that coming. Your poetry is going places.

    Random suggestion. Why don’t you seperate your poetry into another blog? Like I have.

  2. Prarthana Ravishankar Says:

    Thanks a ton Prthivi… 🙂
    Thanks for the suggestion.. will take that into consideration

  3. Jyotsna Says:

    romba yenglis …
    looks like we have a vikram seth in the making 😛

  4. Poorna Omprakash Says:

    Gee Prarthana! did you actually write that stuff?! whoa!

  5. Shourav Says:

    Wow! You hav a real passion fr Nature dont you!
    That was an amazing poem…….loved t ending!:-)
    Totally wat ever Romance poet wants to read!

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